Events that Led to the Revolutionary War

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John Adams, second President of the United States, declared that the history of the American Revolution began as far back as 1620. "The Revolution," he said, "was affected before the war commenced. The Revolution was in the minds and hearts of the people." The principles and passions that led the Americans to rebel ought, he added, "to be traced back for two hundred years and sought in the history of the country from the first plantation in America."


Their combined population now exceeded 1,500,000-a six fold increase since 1700 (Greene, 1987).
The implications of the physical growth of the colonies were far greater than mere numerical increase would indicate. By the mid-eighteenth century, as the pre-American Revolutionary War was raging on, many Americans had a change of heart and mind with respect to their attitudes about the mother country.
As the French and Indian war was coming to a close, and the period of salutary neglect was flourishing, there was a profound shift in American's feelings. The Americans started to become infuriated with England, and wanted their freedom to life, liberty, and property without interference.
The zeitgeist, or "spirit of the times," included the far-reaching period of salutary neglect and the conclusion of the French and Indian War. Salutary neglect refers to the state of Anglo-American relations before the end of the French and Indian War. British Parliament did not interfere in the government of the colonies during this time, and America existed in relative political isolation.
Britain was the mother country; however, Britain was looked upon as a lenient and ea ...
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