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Football is a popular sport played throughout the world

with many participants, this is important to bear in mind as a background to

discussions about the occurrence of football injuries in different situations.


In recent years, an injury has been defined as any injury a player has

incurred in any football-related activity which has caused absence from training or

from a match. These studies provide us with an idea of the risk of injury to the

individual player and for the team, since they take into consideration the exposure

to football and record injuries per 1000 hours of football activity which also

provides valuable background information for preventive measures.

AIM: To demonstrate an understanding of the injury and injury management

including the process of enhancing the healing process in the early stages of

rehabilitation in order to make the players optimally fit at an earlier stage. The aim

of the project is to understand in detail the effects of weight bearing exercise

following ankle injury in football players.


In reviewing the literature, great differences in the incidence of football injuries

have been reported. These differences might be partly caused by heterogeneous

definitions, methods of data collection, observation periods, study designs and

sample characteristics, but the magnitude of the influence of different

methodologies on the reported incidences of sports injuries are difficult to estimate.

The aim of the present study is to review the different methodologies applied in the

evaluation of football injuries as well as to analyze the influence of different

definitions and data collection methods on the influence of football injury.


The literature on football injury was reviewed and the methods applied were

analyzed in details.
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