FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River - Case Study Example

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FMC Aberdeen and FMC Green River

The union structure has resulted in a formalized system of authority and decision making. Kenneth Dailey has shown a willingness to change and is open to trying new ideas.
The culture at FMC Green River is a traditional company oriented system of values that have been shaped over several decades. Rules rather than values shape the culture. The production methods and safety concerns have necessitated the implementation of strict behavior patterns. There are few social ties within the company framework to develop a feeling of unity. There is a language that is common among the workers that does individualize the culture.
While Kenneth Dailey has a willingness to initiate change, there is also a union contract that the company needs to follow. There is currently no clear plan or mechanism in place at FMC Green River that would aid in making any changes. The plants are well established and mature. The workforce reflects the cultural values of the region that the employee base was drawn from.
FMC Green River could benefit from a reduction in its formal structure in favor of a more organic organization. The current system of rules at the facilities could be expressed as norms and values, which would provide the workers with greater autonomy. ...
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The management of FMC Green River would like to implement some of the innovative organizational ideas that are currently in use at FMC Aberdeen. This analysis will make recommendations that will facilitate FMC Green River to benefit from current trends in organizational development…
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