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Criminal Law Bachelor

With reference to social engineering, the structure of society, and its relative degree of organization or disorganization are important factors contributing to the prevalence of criminal behavior. However, it depends upon the effectiveness of law and order as to what extent they are successful in organizing their society as a crime free rational embodiment of social engineering.
Punishment, although considered an evil in most of the societies today, but is necessarily required to deter law violators and to serve as an example to others who would also violate the law. Theoretically it is proven that crime prevention is only possible through swift and certain punishment, which offsets any gains to be had through criminal behavior. For example in Durkheim's theory, outraged expressions, severe punishment and a rigid collective morality, represented today's primitive premodern societies. The communicational conditions of late modernity departs radically from the mechanical solidarity linked by Durkheim to angry talk and severe punishment. (Valier, 2003, p. 91)
The principle of punishment says that no crime can be said to occur where punishment has not been specified in the law. (Schmalleger, p. ...
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Social engineering can be seen as a society, sharing common values and goals but with different perspectives to achieve them. These perspectives escort them towards right and wrong ways of achieving their targets, thereby giving rise to crime. Crime as seen in the context of theories of social engineering caused by the individual exercise of free will…
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