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There must be a clear reason behind the need for the test. That is, it must serve a definite purpose. The test must fulfill a specific task or purpose. For example, in case of a student the test must make it possible for him/her to move to a higher class depending on the results.


It is also a good idea to have the questions checked by another person who is thoroughly knowledgeable with the subject of the questions.
The day of the test is one of high tension and anxiety. The examinees wait for the time when the test papers will be handed over to them. The atmosphere is charged in silent anticipations. It is a solemn occasion, border on a war-like situation.
In my opinion, each step is important as the other. But I would rate the safe keeping of the test paper as the most important step, because with property security the paper might get stolen leaving the entire exercise futile and meaningless. (Basic Steps in Test Construction)
Ans. The basic purpose of a question is to elicit answer which meets the expected knowledge level of the student in a particular grade. Having obtained the information in the course of classroom studies and instructions from the pedagogue and also personal efforts comprising homework and revision, the student is expected to grasp and retain the level of knowledge to respond to a certain question.
The context plays an important role when interpreting assessment results because it helps the assessor link the question with the correct information necessary for the answer. ...
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