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Detective methods

Poe uses Dupin as a catalyst for this evolution in criminal science; however, there are clearly peripheral distinctions and benefits that are a direct result of this innovation.
The high level of competency and discipline that Dupin uses to raise the level of criminal science standards in addition to the goal and initiatives of those working in law enforcement is highly indicative of how Dupin views the state of law enforcement. Poe uses the strategies and algorithms of Dupin as a guiding light of change to the institutional culture of law enforcement training. Every generation and century must allow for changes in the culture of training in regards to law enforcement or any other significant discipline and institution. These factors and realities have a direct correlation in the societal changes that must occur through variances in societal interaction and cooperation that is used to attain the maxim benefits of a cosmopolitan society. ...
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The manner in which Edgar Allan Poe articulates the traits of C. Austin Dupin clearly represents his views of societal interaction versus the end result societal reality that he would have ushered in using C. Austin Dupin as a catalyst. Dupin is represented as a societal recluse who through isolation and constant action, analysis and reconcilement, comes to conclusions that significantly affect the way crime is assessed and solved…
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