Social Responsiility Theory

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This essay seeks to familiarize the reader with an important contribution to social psychology; the social representations theory. It applies to a broad range of concrete situations and provides people with insights into their modern lives. The essay highlights the contribution of the above mentioned theory to social psychology.


Its uses include in the democratization of developing countries and in areas such as health and medicine.
"Social theory refers to the use of theoretical frameworks to explain and analyze social action, social meanings and large-scale social structures. The field is interdisciplinary, drawing ideas from and contributing to such disciplines as anthropology, economics, history, literary theory, philosophy, sociology, and theology. Some social theories make philosophical attempts to answer the question 'what is', not 'what should be'. Other "critical" social theories, such as neo Marxist theories and feminist theories, argue that as theories are generally based on premises that entail normative positions, it is necessary to critique the ideological aspects of theories and related oppressive social relations."6
There are various social theories. Some belong to the Marxists' eras, others are concerned with postmodernism. Some are concerned with human activity while others have cognition as their core concept. However, all of them are concerned with the social aspect of life. How human beings interact with one another and the society They answer questions such as Why How And When
In order for groups and individuals to relate to one another, a system of common understanding is needed. ...
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