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Book Report/Review example - New Strategies for Producing Genuine Followers of Christ

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Book Report/Review
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With the many religions around the world, George Barna tried to decipher the differences of each religious affiliation so as to identify the definitive factors that contribute to the success in discipleship that each particular church adapts into. It could be noted that through the statistical data that the author collected from all his researches, he was able to make a manifestation that that churches displaying much success in disciple making are the ones aiming to make their members more Christ like than those other churches that are primarily aiming to increase their number of members…

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Based on collected statistical data and system comparison, he was able to identify the problems of modern discipleship and was then able to give ample solutions to the ways by which the said process is taken into consideration by the Christian churches at preset.
Understanding the Bible is not that easy to do. The context of the entire book stresses a certain deepness that is not that easy to comprehend with. Certainly, the procedure in studying the Bible is then perceived to have more complicated vitalities. How then could an individual understand the Bible without actually going to theological institutions and getting a formal education Are individual owners of the Bible given the privilege to understand the Bible Certainly! The Bible is made available and understandable to anybody wanting to gain knowledge from it.
The procedure to be taken is not based upon quite an arranged system that is followed in formal institution ...
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