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real chocolate case study

Stores sell around 100 chocolate varieties. Apart from this there are 15 types of fudges available as well as over 30 varieties of caramel-covered apples. The company is very particular about customer service and their main concern is to provide the best available products.
The Real Chocolate Company has stores in 65 of 110 factory outlet malls in the United States. The location of stores is selected on the basis of the area, attractiveness, costs and other important factors. The company has been a very successful one and its aim is to build the Company into the leading retailer of chocolates in the United States.
The opportunities and the threats are external for the company and they can only be determined looking at the moves of the competitors and the other external factors that have a major impact on the company as a whole and its stakeholders as well.
Although the Real Chocolate Company is prospering, there are specific factors that have to be considerd before we can decide whether it will continue to do so. There are certain threats looming which could make the maintainance of this level of progression challenging.
One such threat is the degree of competition that the Company would be facing in the coming years. Competitors have been working at producing new products in order to attract customers. ...
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The strategic position of the Real Chocolate Company is an impressive one. Record earnings for the year ended February 28, 2007 turned out to be great as the revenue showed an increase of 12 percent. The system wise sales of their franchised as well as company owned stores rose by 9 percent…
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