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Educational Opportunities for Minorities in the United States

In the field of education, there have been changes in the curriculum as well. There are vigorously expressed doubts against many conventionally educated faculty members as well as public officials. Numerous colleges and universities are nowadays finding ways to change course content as well as requirements in order that the myriad forms of American diversity will be included in the curriculum (14:2).
Today, the scenery of education system in the United States can be characterized by diversity in the socio-economic profiles of students, curricula, kind of programs, and also the resources obtainable to the schools. However, it has obviously been noticed that the undergraduates in United States are going away from enrolling studies in the areas of science and engineering (Paldy, 2008; par 2). They prefer to be engrossed in social websites like Youtube and Facebook instead of demonstrating hard work by attaining a degree for a good job in the future (par 4). Hence, the country is now relying on the enrolment of overseas students. In actual fact, there are about 40% of scientists in the U.S. who are born in other countries and the problem that is foreseen is, as soon as foreign University graduates depart the country for the reason that they no longer find needed to stay (par 3). ...
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Throughout the history of United States, people who lived in the fast increasing United States were extremely heterogeneous, culturally as well as racially. Later on, the nation's leaders acted boldly to limit and control diversity (Association of American Colleges and Universities, 1995, p 2; 5)…
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