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The things they Carried - Essay Example

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Tim O'Brien punished The Things They Carried in 1990. it was a reflection on the events he witnessed during the Vietnam War. This story is unique because it portrays emotional and psychological experience of Ton O'Brien and his view and understanding of the war and its brutality, Thesis For Tim O'Brien, war is a tremendous evil when "Nobody listens…

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The things they Carried

But the male bonding is not simply as a band of warriors but also, under the shock and pain of the war, as a family, caring, nurturing, even doing domestic chores, but a family without women. This experience makes soldiers unsympathetic to others and even senseless. "Boom. Down. Nothing else. It was a bright morning in mid-April. Lieutenant Cross felt the pain" (O'Brien). This quote illustrates that soldiers are unable to perceive reality objectively and respond to changes is a flash.
For O'Brien war is a blind and deaf creature. Enormous burden causes soldiers to be blind and senseless. To illustrate his point of view, O'Brien goes far beyond a simplistic description given a weight of each thing they carry: One of the chief features of the story is what it reveals about the roles young men played during the war and how their fears confront with the need to locate a source of consolation for the bereaved. "Grief, terror, love, longing these were intangibles, but the intangibles had their own mass and specific gravity, they had tangible weight." (O'Brien). From the very beginning, apart from this romantic conception of the maternal figure living in isolation from the savagery of the war,
The battlefield is the main "force" which influences understanding of war. ...
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