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This is a essay reflecting on the task of teaching adults to park a car with reference to the to teaching manners of Taylor, K., Marienau, C. & Fidler. M. (2000). I will be reflecting on the extent and quality critical reflection in relation to the team project and teaching implications identified as result of my reflection.


We are also going to discover how what implications our different teaching strategies have on the project. We have a list with everyone names and emails . A web site has been created and we are meeting in a chat room .( Private Wiki - ESV222 Development and Change. (n.d.). Retrieved May 23, 2009 ) I have listed the names of our time and their strong points. .
My reflections on the chats show that Dylan is the team captain. He is working to get everyone to the chat room and the project completed in a timely manner. (Private Wiki - ESV222 Development and Change. ) The readings in the chat room reveal that Dylan was not planning on being the leader, however, he has the best characteristics. He created the web site and the chat room. He was very instrumental in completing the task of choosing the project. . The role of critical reflection in relation to the team project can be seen in the discussion in the chat room when we were choosing the topic of the project. Dylan listed for this idea to the group in the chat room "What to do at an intersection - Recognising street signs & road markings - Theory - reading manuals - Parking the car - Dials, Controls, Knobs, Pedals, Mirros etc - Wet and Harsh Conditions". ( Private Wiki - ESV222 Development and Change. ...
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