Emerging Issues In Environmental Disaster Management

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The way the US Coast Guard was able to function in such times of emergency speaks for itself about the efficient organization and working system of the agency, and the impact it has had and will continue to have on the lives ofmillions of Americans.


Emerging Issues In Environmental Disaster Management

When they are carried before the calamity, they are in the nature of preparing the people for it, and often involve evacuating the pertinent area. In the case of post-disaster operations, they are mostly concerned with the relief and rehabilitation of the stricken area and people, and often involve medical and housing facilities, and the sheltering of the evacuees. Many agencies and organizations, both governmental and non- governmental, have to work in a highly coordinated manner to bring about these
measures. There is a high level of internal and external organization in and among these organizations respectively to achieve a high degree of efficiency that
is a prerequisite for emergency control and management. These organizations can be at city, state or federal level, depending upon the nature and the need of the
agency, and also upon the scope and limits of its operations. This paper focuses on the United States Coast Guard and its workings. The United States Coast Guard had its inception on January 28, 1915. It is a multi-mission military service, and is a branch of the US military, working within the Department of Homeland Security since 25 February, 2003, the other branches of the military being under the Department of Defense.
It is one of the seven uniformed services of the United States, and the smallest of the five armed services. It is a maritime law enforcement agency and is also involved in federal regulation. ...
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Emerging Issues In Environmental Disaster Management
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