Pro-seminar on the Frontier of Islam

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In this Pro-seminar, we will go through the effect of culture and religion in the course of a travel through the respective territories. The course of this document will explore the ideas and thoughts raised by various traveler writers including Isabella Ebenhardt along with Amin Maaloff and Mohammed Asad apart from some other prominent Islamic and Western writers…


We will also see how the world culture patronizes cultures of varied hues just for the sake of intellect and society.
Travel through various countries and lands always invariably bring in the multifarious dimensions of the land traveled on. Cultures vary; practices vary; the way religions are practices also varies. The communication gap between the prophet and the today's follower has increased to a great extent and on more than one occasion, the teachings of the prophet has been forgotten or not understood or worse still, not read at all. More or less this happens to be the case with the Christian and other Pagan religions as well.
In the Medieval Eurasia and Africa, the clash of the religions was substantial high. This was reflected in the words of the Leo the African traveler on more than one occasion. Leo, as a Muslim started his run away from his birthplace, Grenada since he was chased out by the Christian capturers of Grenada. His journey went through Morocco and Egypt which happen to be Muslim and the difficulties he faces are minimal. Though, his adventures do invoke interest in the reader. ...
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