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Business Communications

My problem came when we were supposed to purchase chemistry books for our new class. Since I lived near to the book store, my best friend asked me to purchase one for him too. I bought two books, one for myself and the other for my friend at $10 each. The next day I gave the book to my pal and told him that the book cost $15. I told him this price on the presumption that I can keep a $5 commission for getting him the book. My friend unknowingly paid me $15 and that was the end of matters when a day later my friend confronted me about the real price of the book. Feeling ashamed of myself I lied and told him it was for $15. Somehow he had found out the real price from somewhere and had come to me to ask for an explanation. Being a coward, I didn't tell him and then severed my friendship with him. I could have told him the real price and that might have solved my problem. However for two days I felt bad about this whole situation and finally gathered enough courage to go up to my friend and apologize to him and returned him the money.
The company, Mugs and Cups, is in the specialty utensils industry with many competitors fighting to take a lead in the local market. Apart from cups and mugs, all kitchenware in huge verities is also available.
Being in a Specialty industry means that only higher income groups are targeted by offering only Quality products but at a Premium rate. ...
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The logo represents the name of the company and explicitly explains what type of business it is involved into though its name and the graphics. The name of mugs contains a mug instead of a 'u' and similarly the name cups have the picture of a cup instead of a 'u'…
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