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University of Pennsylvania and its renowned undergraduate programs

They say that the only thing constant is change. It may come to our lives that something or some circumstances changes the way we view ourselves and our surroundings. Being an active participant of the S.A. Model of the United Nations for two consecutive years and my numerous Humanitarian Works both here and abroad like in Mali and Caracas, helped me to realize how fortunate I was from somebody out there. Having a good quality education in preparation for my future career as a professional is one of the highlight of my life so that I could do my very best to become a valuable member of society. The University of Southern California being a world class university will be able to help me realize my full potentials as an individual hoping to make a world a better place to live in for me, my family and for every body.
The University of Southern California, being world-renowned in the fields of communication and multimedia technologies, in the same way it has received national acclaim in the US for its ground-breaking community outreach programs, these consequently leads it to one of the US leading research university. And as such, USC will be able to help me fulfill my goals and aspirations.

Poverty is one significant concern to me. This is because poverty, lessen numerous opportunities to other people in terms of health, education, employment and housing among others. ...
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Bentley University, situated in Waltham, Massachusetts is a good University to further enhance my skills and capabilities in economics and math. This is for the reason that the University is one of the leading proponents of the integration of information technology into its business courses…
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