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The story of Death of Ivan Ilych was written by Leo Tolstoy while the Metamorphosis was written by Franz Kafka. The two themes that are shown on both story is the Right Life and Inevitability of Death. In the Death of Ivan Ilych Tolstoy was able to show the two types of lives: the artificial life and the authentic life…


The authentic life includes the bonding with others, having relationship with someone and being ready during the time of death. While artificial life leaves one alone and empty. In the story of the Death of Ivan Ilych, Gerasim represented the authentic life wherein he is ready and unafraid to face death. Gerasim makes his life meaningful by sharing the pain of Ivan by holding his legs. Gerasim feels of the correctness of his life, and strong enough to be involve in a relationship. Authentic life is that one person was able to help someone as well as benefiting from the relationship. Compassion and love must go both ways. It is the virtue of the authentic life and is therefore the right life.
In the "Metamorphosis" by Kafka, Gregor Samsa was able to serve his family during the time wherein he is still a normal person. But because of unexplainable event that happened to him, he is no longer capable to provide everything for his family. Gregor Samsa chooses to be hidden in the room. The metamorphosis from human to an insect is a representation of Kafka about life. He lives in artificial life since he died with no one on his side. Although his family was with him they were not able to be with him during the time of suffering. He died lonely because of the incident wherein the lodgers saw him and became curious of him. ...
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