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Manager's leading role

Thee in-turn encompa more pecific dutie which will be dicued later.
Manager Cae-tudy:Buine Name - Playtec Pty LtdName - Matthew tewartAge - 29Phone No - *******Poition Held - General ManagerBuine ize - mall (approximately 20-employee)Buine Decription - Playtec Pty Ltd i a manufacturer of indoor oftplay equiptment, ditributed nationwide and occaionally overea.
A a General Manager of a mall buine, Matthew' management role conit of interdependent-factor coordinated into an organied 'ytem' to allow efficient allocation of reource through well-planned adminitration, complimenting D.A Holt definition of "defining organizational objective and then articulating trategie, tactic and objective that are neceary to achieve thee objective." (Holt,-1987,-p.793). Thee are divided into the three main egment of reponibility, collectively known a the Mintzberg' Management role.
Under Interperonal management role, Matthew i een a a 'figurehead' in playtec, ometime being referred to a the "heart'n'oul" of the company. ...
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The nature of buine and buine environment i continually in flux, affecting the nature and tructure of buine. Thi flux caue hift in the role and nature of management and manager, preenting the challenge and procee of a changing external buine environment and whoe role i o vital, Mintzberg himelf tated "No job i more vital to ociety than that of the manager."From Government to mall buine, the role of manager a defined by Weihrich and Koontz i "the proce of deigning and maintaining an environment in which individual, working together in group, efficiently accomplih elected aim…
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