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The purpose of Education

The current culture is fighting for the fulfilment of the educational standards. One should also admit that the author is rather dissatisfied with the one-sided view on the notion of liberal education. These usually deal with the concrete embodiment of abstract values including such important ones as "freedom" and "growth". The notion of cultural literacy is rather complicated. Also, the education is formally connected with the notion of human freedom (Lauro 147). The requirements show the tendency to vary from institution to institution. The complex curricular tables and credit formulas exist in combination with each other. The itemization that is traditionally used by education institutions does not adequately defines the meaning of liberal education. Education that is perceived as a process of educating future individuals that will be developing their talents. The basis for these talents development will be the idea of freedom and personal growth (The Art of Instruction 25).
Education is described as the process that is more focused on the life of the mind and citizens as critical thinker. "Social capital in the collegiums, is build from ab investment of rime and commitment by individuals" (Downey 102). Civic engagement often involves experience-based understandings. ...
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Education is multidimensional notion. In practice it means that there are different ways of understanding education and its purpose. That is the main reason of the numerous approaches that are used while defining the notion and aim of education. Also, education is rather general term that implies on the possible differences in understanding this notion…
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