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Effects of Engery Drinks on the Human Body - Essay Example

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Energy drinks are basically beverages consisting of mixture of stimulants in various proportions and combinations collared to meet specific needs and demands with the ultimate aim to boost the body energy. Energy drinks are more preferred in sports industry, where it is required to boost that essential extra energy and stamina and also in health industry to speedup the process of recovery.

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Effects of Engery Drinks on the Human Body

The energy drinks are beneficial and effective when consumed in right quantity and in right combination where the individual responses vary from person to person. All possible negative effects known to date are only because of their inappropriate usage and all the effects are reversed once refrained from these drinks. The negative effects of energy drinks are;
Blood pressure and heart related problems: Caffeine and taurine in the energy drinks effects the functioning of heart and affect blood pressure and also alter the effectiveness of their medications. The increased body metabolism by the energy drinks causes impairment in blood pressure which could adversely affect cardiac functioning. Hence people with Hypertension and heart problems are advised to refrain from energy drinks.
Combination effects: Generally all energy drinks contain caffeine. Caffeine in combination with other drinks exerts different effects. ...
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