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The growth and development of child lays its foundation in childhood itself. It shapes the personality and individual for future. Although, growth and development of an individual's personality is a constant process. The foundation of each stage of development is laid by the preceding stages also each stage becomes a stepping stone for the upcoming stages…

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Parenting and family atmosphere plays the crucial role in development of the child. The love and affection provided by the parents and a congenial atmosphere of the family provides a positive and progressive attitude in the developing personality of the child. This inculcates the feeling of belongingness, builds trust on one another and strengthens the social bonding.
The freedom given at home to the child builds the persona of the child as home is the place which is most eternal and most cozy in the entire world, where we can be with ourselves and be at our own wish. My parents love has nurtured me and groomed me here to spread the happiness everywhere. It is their love and affection and above all dedication and sacrifice that they have made for me has developed my understanding far ahead than my peer group. My parents love has made my home more than a four corner space where I linger while devouring time for self amusement, it is more than a sturdy roof that shelters me from the heat of the sun and protects me from the wrath of a the storm, a home for me simply is a sanctuary, a safe haven, a comfort zone so to speak. It is here that love has found a new meaning in my life.
It is understandable that emotions are the inner feelings which all of us possess and express when we react towards the situation. ...
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