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Art history - Annotated Bibliography & Outline - Essay Example

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Art history - Annotated Bibliography & Outline

The book, penned by Sally-Ann Ashton, very beautifully portrays the women who ruled the Pharaoh Dynasty, popularly known as the Ptolemaic women. They ruled Egypt, collectively, for a long time period of three hundred years. Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh Dynasty ruler. The era ended with her end. The effect of her predecessors on her reign has been very thoroughly researched and shown in this book. Most importantly, the book tells us about the death of Cleopatra which is the most important for my research. The most common belief about Cleopatra's death was that it was the result of a suicide attempt that she made with an asp. An asp is a reptile that Cleopatra believed hurt the least if used to die with. Cleopatra's death was also accompanied by the death of her two handmaidens.
This book has been comprehensively researched and written by Fraioli. He very thoroughly informs us about the life happenings of Joan of Arc, who was also known as Jeanne d' Arc. There were many controversies and debates about the small period of life that she lived. She was only alive for a mere 19 years and was executed for a crime she was not even guilty of. Her trial was not only religiously, but politically motivated. She was blamed of heresy, which is the religious opinion that one maintains irrespective of its contradiction with the opinions of the Catholic Church. She was ruthlessly executed, then burnt twice and relics were scattered off. She was declared innocent and a martyr in 1456, 24 years after her death.

This book has been artistically written by Mieke Bernink who talks in detail about iconography. He introduces the concept as a branch of art history, which overall deals with image writing. It is all about describing an image in words. Further, he elaborates that if you do iconography, you identify various parts and components present in the image, you describe them in a way which enhances your understanding and then you interpret their meaning as content, as a whole picture and as individual parts of the picture. Iconography in terms of my two objects has artistically depicted the pain and sadness that the two women were going through. Cleopatra has been shown to lay back, dead with the poison inflicted by the asp, surrounded by dead handmaidens, who died with her in loyalty. Joan of Arc's image depicts the injustice done to this teenage girl. The merciless treatment and her agony are reflected by the expressions in her drawings.

June Hannam has shown the true picture of society by unveiling the concept of feminism. Feminism is a concept, ideology, movement, theories, philosophies - many things depicting the power of women and how they are not always treated equally to the other sex. The book tells us that it changes many things, how a woman thinks as well as the lifestyles of both the sexes. Therefore, the author has focused on the live debates as well as the fierce controversies that take place when the concept is named. Hannam even attempts to go global by finding the effects of feminism all over the world, which is of great significance to our research. We saw feminism as dealt in Egypt as well as France. Women are powerful symbols there, yet inequality exists at some point in time.

This book, written by Maggie Humm, has focused on feminism as depicted ...Show more


Cleopatra and Joan of Arc are the two perfect examples of how history has treated success, when it came to women. Cleopatra was the supreme ruler of Egypt, whereas Joan of Arc gained immense recognition through her heroic works and act during her small life period…
Author : nschaden
Art history - Annotated Bibliography & Outline essay example
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