Was William Shakespeare the author of his plays and sonnets

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The literary heritage of William Shakespeare includes sonnets, dramas and comedies. The main question interested literary critics is authorship of these works and the role of Shakespeare is their creation. Today, there are a lot of scientific facts showing that Shakespeare was not the true author of his works.


It is difficult to determine the identity of the young man, which is apparent from references made in individual sonnets (Baxter, 1917).
As the most important the documents of the time did not mentioned such name such as a Shakespeare. During the Renaissance period, poets were not allowed to publish poetry, so it is possible to assume that one of the poets took a pseudonym "William Shake-speare". Critics suppose that his true name was Edward de Vere. Edward de Vere was better educated than Shakespeare which allowed de Vere to describe events and manners of those times in details. On the other hand, the main problem is that there is no evidence that Shakespeare was an actor. "For example, there is no record of any part he may have played, and only two posthumous traditions to bit parts" (A Beginner's Guide, n.d.).
The main fact against Shakespeare's authorship is that no manuscripts of Shakespeare's plays survive. Indeed, there are very few manuscripts available to scholars of plays of the Elizabethan and Jacobean period. Also, many editions, used as a basis for making modern texts into performances in modern theatres, have been put together by editors from early (sixteenth and seventeenth century) printed versions of the plays, published in small editions after the play itself had ceased to be regularly performed. ...
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