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International Logistics

Availability is mandatory. Thus, huge containers are now cut to size to accommodate faster and efficient services. In order to attain such professionalism, global corporate houses have become centres of corporate structures, centred on the principles of co-operation and partnership; outsourcing of logistics functions.
Globalization and outsourcing has opened new vistas for shipping lines, forwarders, terminal operators, road haulers, rail operators and barge operators. Together they provide new value-added services as an integrated package. Danzas (since 1999 part of Deutsche Post), Schenker/BTL (the merger between Schenker Logistics and Scansped) and Ku hne und Nagel have evolved from basic forwarders to full logistics service providers. This has led to increased costs on operations.
Improvements in terminal and landside operations are required to lower the cost on door-to-door servicing and savings at sea, one reason why shipping companies are expanding their scope to include terminal operations and hinterland transportation. For this, they seek faster port clearances, and better loading/unloading facilities.
Participate in the planning and/or implementation of new (intermodal) transport services. ...
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There has been a drastic change in the way seaports operate today. The era gone by Fordism 'Economies of scale' has been replaced by 'Economies of scope'. This post-Fordism change has seen a revolution in logistic movement. Subsequently, the port authorities who were hitherto the 'bosses', found themselves at the receiving end…
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