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The Beautitudes (Matthew 5:3 to 15)

The first beatitude in the Holy Bible Mathew 5 verse three states that "blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven"1, this verse does not refer to financially poverty but refers to poor in spirit, when one allows the word of God to fill the emptiness of the spirit then this reward is for them.
Eduard Schweitzer interprets this beatitude that to be poverty cannot only be physical measured but also Christians can be poor in spirit, according to him Christians should be empty in spirit and this will allow the word of God to dwell in spirit, empty in spirit can be interpreted as a case where we have an empty cup waiting to be filled, and to inherit the kingdom of heaven we must allow the holy spirit to fill our emptiness.
According to Anna Wierzbicka the poor are those who have experienced many bad things and they are unable to do anything about it because they don't have the ability to do so, people who are poor in spirit are those that believe that good things cannot come to them without God. Blu Murphy on the other hand states that the poor in spirit are those who humble themselves before God, Christians should therefore humble and confess their sins to Jesus for forgiveness. ...
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According to this chapter Jesus sat on the mountain side, a crowd including his disciples had followed him to listen to his teachings, this is where Jesus taught them the beatitudes that are in the book of Mathew. Beatitudes also means blessings which shows the blessings that faithful Christians will get as reward…
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