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Application of Criminological Theory - Case Study Example

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Case Study
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Suppose I am the vice-principal of a prestigious school. New York City's School of the Future can be such school. One of the 8th-grade teachers (which we'll name as Sue) is having problems with this certain student, who came from one of the poorest and underprivileged folks in the city…

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Application of Criminological Theory

On my part, I would have opted to expel Robert immediately. However, my background in criminology prevents me from doing so.
Theories of criminology are like lenses of different shades, sizes, and colors. They allow professionals and practitioners to look at an issue with a wider perspective. This is what I am obliged to do. I will consult the different applicable theories, compare and contrast their approaches, and finally I will state my decision in this hypothetical situation. In many ways, some of these theories contradict each other. Sometimes, they complement each other. Nevertheless, these should be thoroughly studied so that growth in knowledge can be attained. And, it is true: criminology can really be applied to many situations; it is not just a course for would be police officers or Crime Scene Investigation people.
Strain is the pressure on disadvantaged minority groups and the lower urban populous to take advantage of any effective available means to income and success that they can find even if these means are illegal (Akers, 2000, in Collins, n.d.).
With this theory, perhaps, Robert's disadvantaged origins game him a social stigma. Perhaps, I should look whether this student he beat up had previous mischief done to Robert, Robert just kept quiet, and he retaliated because he does not trust his teachers. But this is insufficient in itself. ...
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