United States Tax System

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Every established government recurs to the tax collection process, for different purposes. Throughout time, these purposes have changed and/or evolved, depending upon de size of the nation and/or the direction it is taking.


In order to obtain a better understanding, it is recommended to begin an analysis where the basic concepts regarding taxes are stated. According to Wikipedia "tax is a financial charge or other levy imposed on an individual or a legal entity, by a state." (Tax, Wikipedia.org) In the case of the United States, the state is represented by the government, either federal and/or local. Nowadays, the taxation is paid in money; however, there have been cases where it is paid with labor. Taxation is not a donation, nor a voluntary payment, it is rather an imposed one or, better yet, an enforced contribution, where agencies such as Internal Revenue Services are in charge of collecting them. When taxes are not paid, either fully or partially civil and even criminal penalties are imposed upon the non paying individual or entities. In many situations the Internal Revenue Services has permitted the payer to initiate a payment program, without further penalties. (Tax, Wikipedia.org)

The purpose of collecting taxes varies from state to state and even from city to city. In any case the government is allowed to use them, either for war, protection of property, law enforcement, etc. ...
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