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Special education (special needs students in regular classes)

However, I feel Timmy really wants to succeed, and as teachers we will be able to help him do this.
This website offers a nice look into the different signs of ADD/ADHD, which is good for any teacher, as they should be able to pick up and monitor these signs. It also lists a bunch of creative strategies in dealing with children with ADD/ADHD.
This site offers many different links, which all offer tons of information about the different teaching methods that have been used. All off these methods have been found to be highly effective, and are of great use to us as teachers.
Another great and helpful site that was written from a parent's perspective. It offers ten key points to remember when teaching children with ADHD, and I think they are all important to Timmy's success.
I feel that working with Timmy will be an joyous experience for us all, however trying it may be on our patience. I think that is the first important thing to remember. Next, I often find that if Timmy feel he needs to be the center of attention, I make him that, and ask him a question or have him help me with an activity. This really seems to help. I also feel that incorporating the different elements of my research, we can continue to build an effective plan for Timmy. I feel that it is also important to make sure Timmy keeps a notebook, so he can keep track of everything he is supposed to do. ...
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Timmy is an eight year old boy who had been diagnosed with ADHD. Timmy often has a hard time concentrating in class, but really and truly wants to succeed. He retains all the classic sings of ADHD, and often wants to be the center of attention in the class room…
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