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Satellite Communications - Essay Example

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Satellite communications has the ability of enabling a multi channel kind of communication. It is important to note the fact that satellite communication use of space segmentation highly slices the operation costs. As such every effort in satellite communications should be focussed on the reduction of space segment and hence operating costs through ensuring spectral efficiency…

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Satellite Communications

This paper seeks to highlight the concept of multi-channel communications satellite systems, the concept of systems operation, the advantages and disadvantages of the system and how to improve performance and reliability of the system in the presence of man-made interference and atmospheric noise.
Satellite communication, heavily relies on the use of a spacecraft in orbit around the Earth. The spacecraft is able to receive and re-transmit signals mainly radio signals. The use of satellite systems for communication, have over time undergone evolution. They have been in use for some time now and many changes have been made enabling higher performance of these satellites. Communications satellites are not only able to amplify and route signals but they are also able to sort these signals. Earlier on they used to function like the ground microwave repeaters but as mentioned earlier, these systems have undergone great evolution and now they are quite different from ground microwave repeaters. Whereas ground microwave repeaters relay radio signals between two fixed points, the satellite communication systems are able to interconnect a multiple of locations both fixed and mobile. ...
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