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Dell, Inc Recalls Laptop Batteries

From its establishment, Dell gains worldwide recognition of being one of the most successful information technology companies. The company holds a large market share in all their product lines.
Last August, Dell recalls its lithium-ion batteries powering its laptops after pictures of its laptop exploding in a conference in Japan floods the internet. It should be noted that recall involves 4.1 laptop batteries and is the largest made in the consumer electronics industry. The recalled batteries include 2.1 million lithium-ion batteries installed in laptops sold in the United States and another 1.4 million sold overseas from April 2004 to July 2006. Dell does this in order to ward off potential fire hazards which can cause more damage to the customers and the company's brand image (Blakely 1-6).
Currently, the cause of the explosion remains unknown. Experts are expressing their concerns over the new battery technologies which make gadgets susceptible to "thermal runaway." Thermal runaway refers to a condition where a faulty battery hits a certain level of temperature and continues to heat up by itself until it finally explodes. ...
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Michael Dell, who is also regarded as the computer industry's longest tenured chief executive officer, founded Dell Computer Corporation in 1984. Later in 2003, the company changed its name to Dell, Incorporated. The company is one of the most famous manufacturers of computer worldwide, which caters to the needs of individual and corporate clients with a very unique business concept…
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