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Classroom needs

It not only hurts teacher who takes the responsibility of molding a student, but also leaves it to the thought of student, what they want to learn. Thinking otherwise, students are admitted to school to learn and not teach the teachers how and what to teach. Any such policies would dominate the mind of teacher while he is teaching. This would have a severe impact on the overall learning cycle of the child.
To do this the teacher has to have a thorough understanding of students and their psychology. A reference to this is made from (National Institute of Education [NIE], 1984) that "Teachers must help students develop skills for adapting to a rapidly changing, interdependent world. This world will demand that students think critically and synthesize large quantities of new information, show sensitivity to diversity, and develop attitudes and skills that promote lifelong learning." 1
To make a student interested in learning, an active environment be provided where students enjoy hands-on and minds-on experiences. This can be achieved when Children are made to participate actively in simulations, demonstrations, games, problem solving, experiments, integrating activities, computer usage and of course writing exercises.
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The teacher's job is not merely to teach the alphabets and their permutations, but should make the child a better person. To do this, the teacher has to deeply understand the emotional and concurring feelings of each child and has to take CARE and make sure that not a single child is neglected.
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