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People Resourcing and Reward

In turn, effective planning can serve as a potent remedy some of the most pressing problems faced by companies. According to Kohl (n. d.), human resource planning in indispensable as it "serves to stabilize employment levels when demand for a firm's product is variable." In this case this tool becomes important in "reducing the firm's unemployment compensation liability costs due to layoffs, providing more job security to the firm's employees, and minimizing the costs of overtime during periods of peak demand." This highlights the company's ability to source the needed workforce only when they are required. This is done by hiring temporary employees in order to fill up positions during peak seasons.
Human resource planning also addresses the company's problem in employee turnover. ...
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In the current business arena, there is an increasing recognition of the importance of human resource planning in order to ensure organizational efficiency. According to Kohl (n.d.), human resource planning is "an information-decision-making process designed to ensure that enough competent people with appropriate skills are available to perform jobs where and when they will be needed." With this definition, it becomes apparent that human resource planning entails identifying the different human needs of the business organization for its various positions and evaluates the current labor pool in order to align them with the company's requirements…
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