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Essay example - Job Performance and Feedback

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Performance appraisals are important to any manager because they are likely to be asked to evaluate the performance of individual members. Such an evaluation typically will be required as part of the closure process and will then be incorporated in the annual performance appraisal system of the organization…

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In organizations where projects are managed within a functional organization or functional matrix, the individual's area manager, not the project manager, is responsible for assessing performance. The area manager may solicit the project manager's opinion of the individual's performance on a specific project; this will be factored into the individual's overall performance. For example, in a balanced matrix, the project manager and the area manager jointly evaluate an individual's performance. In organizations in which the lion's share of the individual's work is project related, the project manager is responsible for appraising individual performance. One new process that appears to be gaining wider acceptance is the multirater appraisal or the "360 feedback," which involves soliciting feedback concerning team members' performance from all the people their work affects. This would include not only project and area managers, but also peers, subordinates, and even customers.
Multisource feedback has gained prominence after it discarded the traditional superior-subordinate performance feedback process. Multisource feedback refers to ratings that can come from subordinates, peers, supervisors, internal customers, external customers, or others. ...
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