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Historical studies move from one war to another, bringing out the list of a number of great military leaders who have changed the order of the world through their courage, strategies and heroic deeds. It is interesting to note that the contribution made by strong military leaders to the twists and turns of history are equal or more stable than religious leaders, intellectuals, scientists or philosophers could make.


The observation that the "most influential leaders in world history have come not from the church, the halls of governments, or the scholastic centers but from the ranks of soldiers and sailors" 1 is not an exaggeration. Wars do figure out in the modern world too, reinforcing the need and necessity for the modern military professionals to go back to the historical stories of success and failure, defeat and conquest of the past military captains, and learn either from their destruction or achievements. No doubt, warfare over the past 150 years have undergone a lot of changes: the nature of war has changed drastically with the modern man's access to all types of advanced technological devices, machines and bombs. But these factors do not limit the significance of the study of past military leaders as it does have validity for a modern military professional as he has a lot to learn from his predecessors- from their influences, strategies, and leadership abilities, and from the number of victories they have won.
A clear understanding of how Frederick the Great rose into eminence as the undisputed ruler over the Prussian empire and what strategies and diplomacies he employed for this purpose is significant for any modern military professional. ...
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