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Software Engineering Term - Essay Example

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Ans: Organisational success depends crucially on whether the software envelopes all the requirements or not. Many software systems are delivered but never used well as they do not take account of the importance of organisational requirements.
Ethnography is an observational technique that is used to understand social and organisational requirements…

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Software Engineering Term

They are primarily used in the requirements analysis and aims to simplify the transition to object-oriented design and programming.
Ans: Reference architecture models are more abstract and describe a larger class of systems. They are a definite way to inform the designers about the general structure of that class of system. They are usually derived from a study of the application domain.
One such example is the OSI reference model. The lower levels are concerned with physical interconnection, the middle layers with data transfer and the upper layers with the transfer of semantically meaningful application information. With the advancement of technology, a layer could be transparently re-implemented without affecting the system using other layers.
Ans: Object-oriented design (OOD) is concerned with developing an object-oriented model of a software system to put into practice the identified requirements. Many OOD methods have been described since the late 1980s. The most popular OOD methods include Booch, Buhr, Wasserman, and the HOOD method developed by the European Space Agency. OOD can yield the following benefits:
Ans: In can be from different angles. ...
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