Recruitment and Selection Strategy

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It is an established fact that human resources are assets and strategic business tools in an organization to drive corporate performance that provides a distinct competitive advantage, especially in a global context. There is a virtual war to poach and retain talent amongst companies across the world, as the quality workforce is the best insurance against cutthroat competition.


All these efforts are aimed at making organizations more competitive and yet these activities have one profound effect on organizational life: Managers are being asked (told) to do more with fewer people
The growing competitive environment results in the paradigm shift in the recruitment strategy. Research indicates that there is a strong case of behavioural recruitment model. The best organizations succeed not because of their people, but because they have the right people. Skill, knowledge, and attitude of the workforce are critical inputs for the success of any organization (Cronin 1996). Hence, there is the strong need for competency-based recruitment and behavioural interview which can provide a desirable option. The traditional methods which focus more on resume, references and past experience fail to capture the complexity of identifying the right candidate. Competency-based recruitment through behavioural interviews focus more on the right fit between the organization and the individual. Behavioural interviewing provides the structure for describing jobs in terms of the values and behaviour of the organization. It also helps in interpreting the candidates' behaviour and not just their experience.
The job of recruiting a new candidate does not end by signing on the dotted line. ...
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