Biographyinterview of Lesbian or bisexual or queer woman, or trasgender individual

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Aisha. I was born in 1972 in Khartoum, the capital city of Sudan. I have been brought up in a broken family with a single parent; my mother. We are two sisters. I got my basic education at a local Islamic school and then graduated from the university of Khartoum in psychology, English literature and gender studies in 1996.


I have recently shifted to Holland for pursuing my postgraduate diploma in women empowerment at Mastricht University Holland.
Aisha. Up to the age of 16 years I did not know much about my sexuality. My mother had told me only one story about my sexuality. When I was just a few months old my father wanted to have my circumcision.
Aisha. Yes. But in Africa some families go for the female circumcisions also. They want to curb the sexual desire of girls by doing that. I don't clearly remember how was I saved from the circumcision. But I really hated that idea.
Aisha. My mother put me in a female hostel during my late two years i.e. 1983-1984 in high school. I had to live with a single senior girl Sumaira who stated sharing bed with me. She took a lot care about me and I felt she fell in love with me. I became found of her in a few days. I remember after week or so we used to rush in the evening for bed and locked our room from inside. First time she unclothed herself before and took me in her arms. This was an unusual and fascinating experience for me. She kissed me and pampered me all over my body. I felt my self in havens. It took me only minutes to unclothe myself and did every thing for her, she asked me. ...
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