Service Quality, Employee Engagement and Customer Loyalty Developing the Business Managers Relationship Ladder

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The nature of this study is to explore the relationship of service quality, employee engagement and customer loyalty towards improving customer service in order to increase performance. Developing an understanding of the effect of management strategy on sales staff and service quality towards customer service does this.


The organisation's decision-makers choose the sales staff and revenue measurements of activities that the organisation will use to meet the customers' requirements, and the conclusion is the perception of the customer. The organisation's decision makers also choose performance measurement systems to monitor and assess how well the organisation meets customers' requirements and the organisation's broader objectives that led to choosing the target set of customers.
Customer-validated performance measures reflect customer requirements and help employees manage the value chain's processes and activities by concentrating their attention on improving what matters to the customer (Frazer-Robinson 1997). For the purposes of this study, quality customer service is a multi-stage measurement. This is defined by the customer's expected service level on dimensions of reliability, timeliness, responsiveness and competence from the company's perspective at the time of encounter, before the staff performed the required service for the customer (Stoneman 2001). In short, this is expediting service for the customer. Furthermore, the employee understanding of customer expectations about the sales person's experience, media skills and creative skills as well as how the sales person acknowledges the service quality (Stoneman 2001). ...
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