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Globalization Bachelor

After all of you have rested and taken their full, you discussed among yourselves the steps you need to take. You have already accepted the fact that rescuers may take days or even months before discovering you, so with all that was left the group struggled to start to live on a remote island. That would be for a while-for sure. Here you are starting a community - away from technology, but with knowledge about it-you wonder if ever you will get by. If you survive, how long will it take you to build a replica of the city that you hope will be "lost" only for a moment.
Tragic, it might seem, like a plot in movies shown in big screens, is the picture that such scenario will project. Even more tragic are the emotions accompanying the players involved. This is far easier than what our ancestors have experienced though. Then, they only relied on crude forms for weapon to shield them from their enemy. They had more ferocious animals as neighbors, no concepts of what makes society and culture flourish. To them "survival of the fittest" might best describe their manner of gathering their goods. No political system is yet conceived; the stronger group tends to manipulate the weaker ones. ...
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in was struck and filled by waves and waves of water, leaving all of you no alternative but to abandon the ship. You floated for days in the chilling water- thanks to the piece of wood from the wrecked ship, which you managed to cling on after jumping over board…
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