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Women Smoking

Due to the increased levels of smoking among women, the figure for deaths among women world-wide is set to double by 2020 (WHO, 1992).
It is estimated that approximately 41,000 women die prematurely each year as a result of smoking in the U.K (Callum, 1995). Across the EU countries, the figure is estimated at 106,000. A total of 500,000 deaths per year is the estimated world total (WHO, 1992).
A broad range of styles is offered to meet the expressed wants established as preferences by the different segments of the smoking population, for example women and these include taste, packaging and cigarette length, and these marketing strategies are targeted at women who are more concerned and worried about smoking but are less likely to quit. They look for more situational cues to smoke (Brown and Williamson, 1979).
Smoking rates follow underprivilege, and these include the racial underprivilege. Statistics reflect that black women living in a society dominated by whites tend to have a higher smoking rate than their white counterparts. In America for example, the rates of lung cancer have increased faster among the black women than among white women. ...
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Smoking is detrimental to a woman's health, but unfortunately, statistics show that women are smoking more than ever. According to the American Lung Association, about 22million American women smoked in 2002, which represented 20% of all women. Women are generally more concerned than men about their health issues and the tobacco industry knows that, thus it has largely aimed the low tar brands at women in an effort to stop women from quitting…
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