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Essay example - CFO mod 1 case

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The chief financial officer also known as the CFO is such a member of a country or such an officer that when it is the person who is responsible for the financial stability of a company or public agency he is regarded as a very important corporate officer who is responsible for the management and handling of financial risks of the business or respective agency…

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This is done in orderto enable them to take better developmental and progressive steps. The title is equivalent to finance director, commonly seen in the United Kingdom. The CFO typically reports to the Chief Executive Officer, and is frequently a member of the board of directors.
CFO is a very diverse field. It is basically the back bone of all organizations and institutions. An effective and well equipped administrative department is what ensures that a company reaches its maximum potential and keeps growing bigger and stronger. CEO on the other hand is a field which require well educated and highly motivated, vigilant staff. CEO's are responsible for hiring all personnel, ranging from the janitorial staff, right up to the vice president of any organization.
The CEO is a very vital part of the company he follows and keeps updates on all aspects of a company and its staff right from the time they apply for a job till the time they get hired. They keep checks on any and all training and development that is necessary and make all necessary amendments. ...
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