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Karen Armstrongs Book on Jarusalem

Like her other books in publication of the same topic, highlights her opinion that the three religions' conflicts are not solely based on their philosophy but rather due to personal conflicts among followers of the religion. The events that have been basis for vilification of either religion with the other have followed shifts in political leadership in the region and have been related to the geographic and economic concerns.
Armstrong reflects not only significant knowledge about the study but also intimate insights on the role of religion in society. The author's perspective reflects her personal experience with religion and how her faith creates predispositions and assumptions that had to be overcome to create a better understanding of the issues that affect the three religions development and current status in society. Each of the religions are discussed in the context of Jerusalem's history and geography not so much in the technically but rather as they impact he ethnography and sociology of people. Furthermore, the methodology of Armstrong's research reflects her interest in religious studies and texts that she incorporates from key historical events to cotemporary issues.
Armstrong is an advocate of religious tolerance and dialogue and ...
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In Karen Armstrong's 1996 book Jarusalem: One City, Three Faiths, three of the world's foremost religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The backdrop of Armstrong's study is the city of Jerusalem, a city that is considered significantly in all three religions and has been the object of many of the conflicts and issues between them…
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