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Subverting the Processes of Peer Review

Hwang was indeed a brainy researcher. He had efficiently kept his collaborators, manipulating them with their own personal motives. With that, he had managed to maintain his established credibility within the span of his research and prominence.
Hwang was a national hero in South Korea and was rose to fame after claiming a series of remarkable breakthroughs in the field of stem cell research. Despite the notable absence of any of the scientific data needed to probe the validity of his research, Hwang's several claims were well received by the South Korean media and public. They have been so attracted with his claim of immeasurable economic prospect that his research was said to be promising (Wikipedia, 2008). With such renowned standing, he maintained and expands his research team. Building it in a rigid hierarchical structure had made him extremely dominant among his researchers regardless of their titles.
His collaborators worked for his fraud and some had even so consistent with their support despite the arousal of controversies. With their firm determination to back him up, he had managed to publicize his said noble study. Dr. Roh head of Seoul fertility clinic had agreed to collaborate with Hwang despite the anomalous way of obtaining the egg cell from paid donors and two of their junior researchers. ...
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The supposed noble stem cell discovery Hwang Woo Suk led should have been so significant that its controversy had become an issue on medicine, ethics, and politics. It had incurred an enormous funding both from public and private sectors in and outside Korea…
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