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Intel Corp Strategies, Organizational Design and Strategic Controls

This shift towards manufacturing microprocessors saw its success as a market leader because with the success of personal computers, Intel also emerged as the forerunner for supplying high speed and more sophisticated microprocessors to enable PC users to expand their choices of using PC for different purposes such as gaming etc.
This however, been successful mainly due to the way Intel was managed as well as the mission and objectives it set for itself. Intel, as a company has intensively relied on setting strategic directions for itself which is based on delivering technology advancements which help improve the way we live and work.
This paper will attempt to study the vision, mission and objectives of the organizations and would then examine the existing organizational design and strategic controls to determine whether the strategic fit between the two exist or not.
Setting up the mission statement help firms to identify the unique and fundamental objective for which distinguish the firm from others in the industry. (Pearce and David). Intel has set following mission for itself:
The above mission statement suggests that the focus of Intel has been on focusing on three distinct stakeholders i.e. ...
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Intel is the largest semiconductor producing company in the world and produces most of the x86 processors used in most of the personal computers. Intel was founded in 1968 as Integrated Electronics Corporation; it soon started to produce one of the finest computer processors in the world based on its unique and new technology of producing microprocessor chips from Silicon…
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