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A Comparison between Charles Taylor and Will Kymlickas views on Multiculturalism with Minority Rights - Essay Example

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A Comparison between Charles Taylor and Will Kymlickas views on Multiculturalism with Minority Rights

However, the implementation of equality and sharing of beliefs is the only way that discriminatory issues can be avoided and minority rights upheld, according to Taylor's philosophy. I personally tend to favor Taylor's point of view since it appears to have the most solidity in the view's being given. Of course he makes quite a few other interesting points in his writing, from my personal interpretation of it. Multiculturalism has a strong purpose in politics as when there are other nationalities living in a country they want to be able to feel they are a part of it (Taylor 1994). The only way this is possible is if they have awareness that they are included in the many political debates of the many topics concerning the country's needs or desire's for the people.Furthermore, Taylor shows the notion of multiculturalism gives identity to people as it defines them as human beings. If the politics of a nation where only centered around the natural origin of those living in a country, such as Americans in the United States, then there would be no sense of a multiculturalist identity for those who were of a foreign body that also dwelled in America as well. Therefore Taylor points out that it is crucial to acknowledge all people who reside in a country and that developing a political identity with the concept of multiculturalism is the way to go about creating equality and a sense of individuality for all of the various ethnic cultures within the body of a nation. A political body can not simply step up to a podium and refer to all people as Americans or Europeans and expect there to be unity in that nation. This is one of the strongest views of Taylor and this author feels it has a good relevance to the effect political bodies have on the citizens of a nation. If there is a lack of inclusion of one type of nationality there is going to be discord and inequality but if there is an inclusion of the whole concept of multiculturalism then it will make a nation stronger and the citizens of the communities will be united, or so it would appear. Also, Taylor also emphasizes the fact that recognition of different cultures is extremely important to provide equality in a nation. However, there can be various dilemmas with what people know about others and therefore the idea of misrecognition of a culturally diverse group can create just as many problems as actually not identifying their presence can create. For example people in a country often make assumptions about foreigners who live there. Before the facts are gathered false interpretations develop such as with Latino's, many people in America often identify all Latino's as being from Mexico and speaking the same form of language but this is the wrong impression. Latino's span out across many regions and they all do not look alike or speak alike therefore this is a simple example that can be given following Taylor's points of misrecognition of a culture between ethnicities.
In fact Taylor states that the wrong idea can cause severe harm onto a culture as they are then faced with many discriminatory issues and don't feel a sense of equality either, which is one of the problems that is prevalent in many countries today, especially in the United States in particular. This results in a distorted image of a culture and impacts them in a negative way as they begin to feel that the main representative cultural body within a country is not willing to ...Show more


With regard toTaylor's literature he clearly is pointing out that all voices should have a form of recognition, especially in the arena of politics, while Kymlicka states that some problems within multiculturalism simply can not be avoided…
Author : pedro25
A Comparison between Charles Taylor and Will Kymlickas views on Multiculturalism with Minority Rights essay example
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