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Essay example - Health Issues

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Cigarette smoking and lung cancer and their relationship provide an excellent example to illustrate the epidemiological criteria for establishing whether or not an observed association plays a causal role in the etiology of the disease. Many reports from the government organizations support this…

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Therefore the duration of smoking and the age of the population would serve as important parameters of surveillance as well as sources of epidemiologic data. The community can be assessed in terms of mainly these two parameters namely duration of smoking and age of the population. Although these will indicate the causal relationship, the prevention must categorize the factors associated with cigarette smoking and reasons for their continuity. An analysis of these factors may reveal variables that may be used for designing a preventive strategy. Gaining support for a prevention program in any community needs awareness of the population as to the need for the prevention program, and to this end, health education programs focused on smoking prevention would serve to achieve cooperation from the population (Smith and Leggat, 2007, 165-181).
Nursing research on community nursing is available, and findings from them could guide the nurse to develop a prevention plan. Rural population has different culture, different life style, different health habits, and different socioeconomic conditions. Nursing research involving rural population, specially dedicated to smoking and lung cancer can reveal many factors, such as, increase in consumption of cigarettes for about 30 years increases the risk of having lung cancer at a phenomenal rate. ...
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