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The current paper illustrates as to why and how the history of psychology serves to be a unifying field in studying the development of psychology. It traces a history of events inspired by Galton to measure intelligence. The latter part discusses the perpetuation of racist attitudes in the western societies and sheds light on how psychological research.


Most of the greatly noted psychologists seem to advance their field of study only by ignoring and denying all other possibilities. This is cause for concern since most of these people seemed to wage conflict upon each other (3).
If one would look at the whole history in its entire context, however, one would realize these conflicts of yesterday should be seen as a reason to unify today. The answer seems obviously clear, without looking at the whole picture it is easy to overlook something or come to false conclusions. Today these theorists seem childish because of their rivalries, going so far to prove their theory was right they would stretch reality just to make it fit their created ideas while ignoring the ideas of others even where it could easily explain where their theory lacked.
A great example of this would be the subject of how humans gain knowledge. Many have claimed it would be through instinct, or learning, or our surroundings. Each theory stood out with strengths and weaknesses but by studying the whole history of these conflicts we can see that the weaknesses of some theories are covered by the strengths of others. ...
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