Essay sample - Person focused clinical inquiry

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Mast, T.B., MacNeill, E.S., and Lichtenberg, P.A. (2004). Post-Stroke and Clinically-Defined Vascular Depression in Geriatric Rehabilitation Patients, American Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry; 12: p. 84.
McMahon, A., Irwin, P., and Redehan, E. (2003). Identifying Priorities For Strengthening And Developing The Nursing Contribution In A Field Of Practice: A Case Study In Stroke Care…


1223 - 1227.
Schroeder, E.B., Rosamond, W.D., Morris, D.L., Evenson, K.R., and Hinn, A.R. (2000). Determinants of Use of Emergency Medical Services in a Population With Stroke Symptoms : The Second Delay in Accessing Stroke Healthcare (DASH II) Study, Stroke; 31: p. 2591.
Thrift, G.A., McNeil, J.J., Forbes, A., and Donnan, G.A. (1999), Risk Of Primary Intracerebral Haemorrhage Associated With Aspirin And Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: Case-Control Study, British Medical Journal; 318: pp. 759 - 764.
UK Prospective Diabetes Study Group (1998). Efficacy Of Atenolol And Captopril In Reducing Risk Of Macrovascular And Microvascular Complications In Type 2Diabetes: UKPDS 39, British Medical Journal; 317: pp.713 - 720.
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