Langford, Galileo, Science and the Church

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God forbid a man should think on his own- apart from the church! This taunting ideology in Langford's "Galileo, Science and the Church" posed as one threat to the Catholic Church by Galileo. Shall we consider a "thinking man" or an individual with an opinion as a new breed of animal that holds a rare and coveted genome.


The Catholic Church faced another threat from the scientist's arguments- one of the demystification of Christ. This was "The man Jesus as the personal, visibleonly way to the actuality of redemption [p.201], not realizing that knowledge was a precursor to salvation simply and succinctly through the Holy Scriptures. The knowledge of Christ was what followers sought. And this was coveted by Churchmen- that the knowledge of Christ = salvation.
St.Thomas Aquinas would have earlier stated that one need not have been smart to come to understanding of this. What is needed for an introduction but a name. It would have gone something like: "Jesus meet follower A." It doesn't take much to make an acquaintance. What proves valuable is what kind of relationship ensues. For example, such as Master to Teacher, Parent to Child, Creator to the Created and ideally of Friend to Friend. Galileo's groundbreaking views of the universe were demystified with science and religion working together. Whereas the author of this book deemed the church cautious, this reluctance to accept the fated duo (Science and the church) delegated the Catholic Church to play the role, in a sense, of a magician who vowed never to divulge his tricks.
Galileo's ment ...
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