Road to the Civil War

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The author Stephen B. Oates writes about the fierce and bloody slave revolt which took place in 1831, against their white masters by the slaves of Southampton in this essay. Nat Turner was an intelligent black man, who gathered a small group of other black slaves to start a bloody and violent rebellion, in which many children were also killed.


Spirits used to talk to Turner, and finally a spirit told him to break away from slavery. Nat Turner gathered a few like-minded slaves, and organized the rebellion. The group had only eight slaves because more people would mean more chances of the news being leaked. The slaves killed white people in their own estates, including children. They used weapons that did not make noise, so that the others would not be alerted. After killing many people , the rebels were finally caught by the militia , helped by the townspeople. This rebellion, known as the "bloodiest slave revolt in Southern history", was instrumental in increasing the severity of the slave codes and strengthening the militia , which in turn, paved the way to the future abolition of slavery. .
Reading about slavery and the condition of slaves makes me think that what Nat Turner did was justified. No one should have the right to "own" another human being. I did not like the killing of the infants and school children by the slaves. The article puts the case of the slaves in the right perspective.
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